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Food and Drink photography for Grey's Tea.

It is great when a potential client reaches out and remembers you, I am a poor sales person for myself, I should do more about getting in front of potential clients. However I dod attend networking. events and they seem to work, even though it may takes years before any work happens.

Richard Grey from Grey's Tea & I met at an event, and he remembered me as a food & drinks photographer, so we started a 'soft' social media campaign, based on who maybe potential customers of fine loose tea. A traditional market that needs to be broadened, looking at a younger, discerning audience that maybe love their food, choose artisan suppliers and appreciate slow lifestyles even though they may be high flying professionals.

The approach was to feature artists and creatives that enjoy a great cup of tea when they take a break from their creative work, people like Jake A Gill, a very talented blacksmith working in the Cotswolds.

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