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Food Photography in Warwickshire

In 2014 photography for me was complex, I was known for advertising and people photographer but I was also involved with the hospitality industry as large part of the economy in Warwickshire and the Cotswolds, especially around the world famous destinations of Stratford upon Avon and Warwick. International travelers flocked to the home of the Bard and to see such Historic Castles as Warwick and Kenilworth. I had been involved with tourism since my early days as a photographer of brochures and then a number of tourist boards including Visit England. My main website covered many areas but it became apparent that I should create a dedicated site to my work in the hospitality industry, and especially with food at the core. Like so many ideas I have I went for it, but sadly my initial website was not supported well ( I blame the photographer) and work went another direction. Now in 2022, I have relaunched a website having shot many more food projects, from Banbury based 'Full of Goodness' to many restaurants and take-away menus. Covid and the reserge in food delivery services required much more photographs of food, drinks and deserts. So as the world has to become more local in marketing terms, I am no longer trying to be all things to all clients, I am now a photographer of food in Warwickshire. Other websites and genre are available.

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