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Local Butcher shot?

I am lucky to live in a village in rural Warwickshire, Welford on Avon, a few miles or should I say knots down stream on the river Avon, a village that has more than most with a Church, a Chapel, a bowling Club and three Pubs, we have Post Office at the convenience store, and until a year ago, we had a butcher, maybe it was market pressures , maybe covid or just the way the world is changing, but it was a great loss to the village community to be without such an amenity. Then in Early January 2023, a light was seen in the shop, and a sign ! The Butcher was reopening, with a new name. It was great to see William & Colin, getting back to producing their famous, sausages, pies and other specialities. I photographed these gentlemen, in the prep area, with a pop up studio, more food photography was taken of the Pork Pies and I shall be taking more images for their Marketing and social media post and I am back to enjoying their sublime Pork Pies ! The New )Old) butcher is back, now trading as Smith & Binley Butchers, Welford on Avon CV37 8PX.

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