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What is Warwickshire Food ?

As a photographer for marketing destinations I have been lucky to have traveled to many places to photograph the location but as part of every travel experience the food is always important.

When shooting in Spain for the tourist campaign, I had to photograph a Castle and a golf course, but I also shot some food images for stock and the Hams that are hanging in many Tapas bars always stand out. Working in California for the American Wine Association I was based in San Francisco and enjoyed great Fish dishes at the Pier and 'discovered' Sourdough sandwiches.

In Warwickshire & Coventry there are fantastic locally produced foods, cheese, meats, pastries, and all sorts of chutneys and condiments. But most are identified without a great emphasis on the area of Warwickshire & Coventry, the food produced in the Cotswolds certainly shouts about where is is from, although there is not a dish that I know is identified as unique to there.

The Warwickshire & Coventry producers do state where they are made, but a pie is a pie with a wonderful filling, but is there such a thing as a Warwickshire Pie? Is there a Warwickshire Cheese? Is there a dish like Faggots & Peas, that the Black Country is famous for? It is my mission to find out so the tourism industry represented by Shakespeare's England & Destination Coventry can shout about it! We have amazing quality food in the region, maybe it needs more celebration and certainly needs to be identified as exceptional as it is from what was known as the Heart of England.

Korean Sticky Pork - The Boathouse - Stratford upon Avon - Wonderful food but not a Warwickshire speciality!

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